Welcome to the wiki for the development of GRIXML, the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) for reporting information to stakeholders according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) common framework for sustainability reporting.

This is a wiki for the open development of GRIXML,  
NOT for determination of the GRI framework. 
please see for 
more information on the Global Reporting Initiative, or 
to join in the GRI Strucured Feedback Process.

Sections 1-4Edit

Sections 1-4 of the 2002 Global Reporting Initiative 'common framework for sustainability reporting' help provide context.

1 Vision and StrategyEdit

2 OrganisationalEdit

3 Structure and GovernanceEdit

4 Content IndexEdit

Section 5Edit

Section 5 of the 2002 Global Reporting Initiative 'common framework for sustainability reporting' relate to specific indicators for 'organisational sustainability reporting' - Economic, Environmental and Social Impact.

5 Economic ImpactsEdit

Customers EC1 EC2
Suppliers EC3 EC4 EC11
Providers of capital EC6 EC7
Public sector EC8 EC9 EC10 EC12

5 Environmental ImpactsEdit

Materials EN1 EN2
Energy EN3 EN4 EN17 EN19 EN18
Water EN5 EN20 EN21 EN22
Biodiversity EN6 EN7 EN23 EN24 EN25 EN26 EN27 EN28 EN29
Emissions,effluents,and wasteEN8 EN9 EN10 EN11 EN12 EN13 EN30 EN31 EN32
Suppliers EN33
Products and services EN14 EN15
Compliance EN16
Transport EN34
Overall EN35

5 Social ImpactsEdit

Labour Practices and Decent WorkEdit

Employment LA1 LA2 LA12
Labour/management relations LA3 LA4 LA13
Health and safety LA5 LA6 LA7 LA8 LA14 LA15
Training and education LA9 LA16 LA17
Diversity and opportunity LA10 LA11

Human RightsEdit

Strategy and management HR1 HR2 HR3 HR8
Non-discrimination HR4
Freedom of association and collective bargainingHR5
Child labour HR6
Forced and compulsory labour HR7
Disciplinary practices HR9 HR10
Security practices HR11
Indigenous rights HR12 HR13 HR14


Community SO1 SO4
Bribery and corruption SO2
Political contributions SO3 SO5
Competition and pricing SO6 SO7

Product ResponsibilityEdit

Customer health and safety PR1 PR4 PR5 PR6
Products and services PR2 PR7 PR8
AdvertisingPR9 PR10
Respect for privacy PR3 PR11


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